Ink Blot

The “Ink” word derives from Latin encaustum = "burnt in", since the gallic and tannic acids in ink and the oxidation of its ingredients cause it to eat into the writing surface. The “Blot” word derives from blood it means dry ink with blotting paper.

I Wonder

Chinese may have created the printer and the ink,
but who conceived the first words… forms for what I think

Words become vehicle of thought
without words, ideas can’t be caught

Language as we see it today
is a creative genius, of whom?... I cannot say

Writing…nah words came our way
Like a discovery, a progression…not of a single day

Language evolved as no man’s claim
not in a country, state or nation or a single terrain

Language is a collective genius, a celebration
of the ingenious spirit, the human civilisation

# I thought about this as I sat down to manage my business, that of selling ink, printer ink cartridges, paper and what not! I am amused how means of communication have changed over the last hundred years…I wonder if changing methods of communicating has influenced our relationships, what do you think?

* Dolphins are known for their advanced communication skills

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5000 Years Back in China....))

5000 years back in China, history of ink ensued. Chinese are credited for the oldest recipe, made from pine smoke, lamp oil and gelatin from animal skins and musk the first known form of ink materialized.

Another early variety of ink is Egyptian ink wherein dyes were naturally extracted from certain sea creatures like Squids, from outer coating on nuts and seeds and even metals! Ink extracted from iron salts and from Walnut often acquired a golden hue after some time.

Usage of ink and its form kept on improving over centuries. In 15th Century European innovation lead to the shift from Greek and Roman water based ink to oil based ink extracted from turpentine and Walnut oil suited for the revolutionary printing press.

Well, all this was before the electronic pixels flooded your computer screen, looks like we have covered a long way, ain't it?!